Sweden re-launches research partnership for environment, climate and security
18 May

Sweden re-launches research partnership for environment, climate and security

A research partnership was re-launched 18 May for the environment, climate and security. Called the Stockholm Hub on Environment, Climate and Security, it combines the strengths of four world-leading...

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24 Mar

Informal roundtable on ‘Climate Change, Peace and Security at COP27—Risks and Opportunities’

On 24 March 2022, the Stockholm Hub on Environment, Climate and Security, in cooperation with the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs, hosted an informal roundtable on the theme ’Climate...

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14 Jan

Security implications of climate change impacts on the ocean

Written by Karina Barquet and Ylva Rylander, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), and Mats Eriksson, Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI). The profound impacts of global warming on ocean temperature and...

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13 Sep

Building resilience while tackling climate-related security challenges

Conclusions from the showcase at World Water Week 2019 Stockholm, Sweden. Written by Aina Virginia Bituin Eriksson The effects of climate change are increasingly felt around the globe through...

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9 Sep

Climate Security: Moving Towards Reduced Insecurity

In recent years, we have seen climate security increasingly move to the centre of the security debate. Once part of “low politics,” or matters not vital to a state,...

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View on planet Earth from Space
28 May

Laying out a new vision for global adaptation

It’s most often at local, regional and national levels that adaptation to the adverse effects of climate change happens. But warning of the breakdown of global cooperation, SEI researchers together with international...

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Iraqi marshlands
16 May

“Living without water means living without hope”

Water can be a source of conflict, especially as it becomes scarcer due to climate change. In order to maintain or make peace, it is thus essential for countries...

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Mackerel on ice.
4 Apr

Why our current legal framework for the international regulation of fisheries struggles to cool heated fish wars

Overfishing, fractured international relationships and political conflicts loom as fish migrate more unpredictably because of climate change. This is why we need to redesign the governance of fisheries, says...

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Jackie King, 2019 Laureate of Stockholm Water Prize
22 Mar

Laureate shows the way to peaceful cooperation

Water can play an important role as a catalyst for peace. The work by the 2019 Stockholm Water Prize laureate Dr Jackie King has given the world new tools to...

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11 Mar

Take-aways from the Planetary Security Conference 2019: New nuances in the climate security debate

Following the fourth Planetary Security Conference, the Stockholm Climate Security Hub reflects on the changing debate around climate security. A Q&A with Malin Mobjörk of the Stockholm Peace Research...

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19 Feb

Building resilience and bridging policies: 2 key ingredients in climate security

There is a growing understanding of the interaction between climate change and human security. But to date, this has largely been examined through the lens of security studies and...

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