The Stockholm Climate Security Hub provides evidence-based insights on building security and prosperity and strengthening resilience in the face of a changing climate. It combines the strengths of four leading research institutes: Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI) and Stockholm Resilience Centre at Stockholm University (SRC). The Hub is funded by the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs.


30 May

SIPRI joins high-level event from the Stockholm Hub on Environment, Climate and Security

On 30 May, the Stockholm Hub on Environment, Climate and Security held a high-level event on ‘Economic Competitiveness and Resilience in the Era of Climate Change’. The event, which...

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6 Dec

The battle for truth in water, climate, and environment

Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI), one of the partners of Stockholm Hub on Environment, Climate, and Security, organized a session at the COP28 Water for Climate Pavilion. The session took place...

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14 Jun

Breakfast Briefing at Riksdagen on Environmental Impacts of the Russian War in Ukraine – What Role for Sweden?

On 14 June, The Hub held a breakfast briefing at the Swedish Parliament, Riksdagen, on Environmental impacts of Russia’s war in Ukraine. Since the start of the war, military operations...

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Research on climate and security

Biosphere Security: Understanding the Connections between Conflict and Biodiversity →

This paper outlines a few broad, but critical, starting points in work towards a more comprehensive biosphere security research agenda.

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Three Steps to Including Conflict Considerations in the Design of Climate Change Adaptation Projects →

This policy brief recommends a three-step approach to facilitating the consideration of conflict risks in the design of climate change adaptation projects.

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Enhancing the Conflict Sensitivity of National Adaptation Plans →

This policy brief identifies three key actors that are well placed to take concrete steps to enhance the conflict sensitivity of National Adaptation Plans.

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A Just Transition for Climate Change Adaptation: Towards Just Resilience and Security in a Globalising World →

This policy brief aims to expand our collective view of justice in adaptation by considering the globally interconnected nature of our economies and societies.

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Climate-related Security Risks in the 2020 Updated Nationally Determined Contributions →

This SIPRI Insights paper analyses how the 2020 updated NDCs (16 submissions as of October 2020) discuss climate-related security risks and compares them with 2015.

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Policy Responses to Climate-related Security Risks: The African Union →

This Background Paper provides a comprehensive overview of the AU’s climate security policy landscape for interested policymakers in Africa and beyond.

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